How does Emprof work?

You are key

At Emprof you are our main priority. Emprof maps your qualifications and wishes in a personal in-depth interview. Emprof looks beyond your work experience and CV. Your intake interview is focused on your qualifications, wishes and ambitions. It has been our experience on several occasions that this way possibilities come up that candidates had never even thought about themselves.

We keep our promises

The people at Emprof have many years’ experience working in sales and marketing positions themselves and therefore know what goes on in these specific job areas. We always keep our promises and you will get a timely response regarding developments , also if the recruitment process is terminated.

Optimal match

Emprof works for notable companies and organisations with challenging sales and marketing positions. By way of thorough intake interviews Emprof has acquired a clear image of corporate culture, job positions, job descriptions, responsibilities, training possibilities, career possibilities and terms of employment. Hence, Emprof knows exactly what these companies and organisations can do for you, what you can do for them and, most importantly, if you fit together. Only then can a match be considered optimal and can you and your new employer look forward to working together pleasantly and successfully.

Gaining a new job quickly

You can respond to current vacancies directly or sign up with us if there are no relevant vacancies. Our E-mail Service will automatically keep you posted of new vacancies that fit your profile. Chances are high that your new challenge will be found in the foreseeable future. Emprof will keep in touch with you even if it takes a little longer before you find the next step in your career and will keep up the effort to find the optimal match. Check out former candidates’ testimonials about their success stories with Emprof and the new jobs they have found.

“After a personal interview I had the feeling I had finally found professionals who would rate my skills at true value and use them at their greatest potential.”

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