Jobhunting via internet and social media

Jobhunting via internet is very common. For instance via job sites on the internet. Or via websites of temp and recruitment agencies or corporate websites. Social media are also a good way to find a new job, for instance via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Finding a job on the internet

 On the internet you will find various job boards and career sites. On websites like,, and you will find vacancies for ‘all professions’. Other sites focus on specific areas of practice or sectors. For instance vacancies for sales and/or marketing professionals or vacancies in healthcare or services. On most sites you can register your CV. With this CV you can apply for jobs you find on these websites. Employers looking for talent can find your CV and contact you. Often you can subscribe to an e-mail service with which you will automatically be informed about new vacancies that meet your profile and preferences. Of course you can also find vacancies at temp and recruitment agencies and/or register your CV. When you already have a shortlist of companies you would like to work for, you can have a look on their corporate websites. Most of the companies have a job area on their websites with open vacancies.

Finding a job via social media

A growing number of people find jobs via social media. Social media are all social network sites on the internet like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Hyves. On these sites you can easily make contact with employers. It is a good way to let people in your network and environment know that you are looking for a new opportunity. You will also meet other job seekers with whom you can exchange experiences and tips.

This is how you find a job via social media

1) Create a personal profile on one or more social network sites.
2) Build your network. Search for friends, acquaintances, (former) colleagues or others. This way you can build up a network of people who may be able to help you in finding an job.
3) Search for vacancies and use your network. Did you find a company with an interesting vacancy on a network site? See if anyone in your network works at that company. Ask if he or she can introduce you to that company. The chances you will be invited to an interview will improve if you get introduced by an employee of the company.
4) Place a message on the network sites and/or in your profile that you are looking for a job. Maybe someone in your network knows about good opportunities.

How to make a good profile on a network site

Your profile states who you are, your education and work experience, your hobby’s . You can also add pictures and video’s. Three tips for a good profile:
1) Spend a great deal of attention to your profile. Employers like to search the internet for information on candidates. Give a good view of who you are and what you can do. With an interesting profile your changes to get a new job increase dramatically.
2) Watch out which information you add in your profile. Pictures of drunk people at a party can give the wrong impression. By joining groups in your area of business you give a positive impression. Ask people in your network for recommendations about you. If you use more social network sites, make sure your profiles match.  This way Employers get a clear and consistent view of who you are and what you can do.

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