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Emprof recruits absolute quality candidates in sales and marketing, on the basis of direct placement and secondment. Emprof works for organisations operating on the Dutch market and for internationally operating organisations. Emprof knows how your candidates orientate themselves and where they can be found. Besides that, Emprof knows what triggers these candidates in their careers, which is taken into account when communicating with them. This way candidates are not only found quickly, they are also qualified effectively and persuaded to choose for your company.

Focus and expertise

Emprof differentiates itself by focus and expertise. Emprof exclusively works in the field of sales and marketing and has built an extenisve network of candidates in this target group. Emprof’s employees have vast sales and marketing experience themselves and have recruited hundreds of professionals. They know what is going on in this area of business and know like no other to recruit and qualify the best candidates.

Proven ‘track record’

Since its foundation in 2007 Emprof has succesfully recruited sales and marketing professionals for a variety of organizations in- and outside The Netherlands. In the course of the years we have built an extensive network of sales and marketing candidates in different sectors. We ar passionate about sales, marketing and recruitment and will gladly help you in filling your sales and marketing vacancies. Contact Gerben Wijnja at Emprof. You can call him on +31-6-51611104 or via e-mail: gerben.wijnja@emprof.nl. We are happy to be at your service!

Emprof’s methods

Emprof is a recruitment agency for absolute quality professionals in sales & marketing and is focused on recruitment as well as secondment. Emprof works for both nationally- operating and internationally-operating companies and organisations. Emprof knows how candidates orientate themselves and thus how to find them. Moreover, Emprof knows what makes candidates tick when it comes to their careers, so that specific actions can be geared towards finding the perfect match. The right candidates are found quickly this way and furthermore, they are also expertly qualified and persuaded to choose your organisation.

Focus and expertise

Emprof distinguishes itself by its focus and expertise. Emprof focuses on sales & marketing professionals exclusively and has built an extensive network within this target group. Emprof’s employees have held sales and marketing positions themselves for many years and have recruited many hundreds of professionals. They understand what these jobs entails and are more than able to select and qualify the best candidates.

How does Emprof work

Emprof continuously selects candidates in your target group. Appropriate sources are used based on where target groups are located in the job market and the browsing behaviour of these groups:

  • Emprof website and CV database
  • search engine advertising on key words (Google)
  • search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • career sites (search and advertising)
  • network sites (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, both search and advertising)
  • referral programmes

The website is key when it comes to communication with candidates. Candidates can find all interesting and relevant information here. Candidates can respond to vacancies directly through our website and sign up with us. Candidates can also subscribe to our E- mail service and receive vacancies which fit their profile in their mailbox automatically. Emprof continuously selects candidates in target groups, so that an extensive Talent Pool of qualified candidates is always available. Besides continuous selection of candidates, Emprof can develop specific campaigns (search and advertising) for your commission.

Search & selection based on knowledge of target groups

Our business relationship starts with a thorough intake interview. In this interview the specific type of person you are looking for (profile, qualifications) as well as your organisation and the position(s) at hand are discussed. Together we will determine your organisation’s positive pull factor scores (also related to your competitors) and use this information to convince the right candidates of choosing your organisation. Using this information a detailed selection profile will be defined.

Thereafter Emprof will start the search for the best candidates in, amongst others, the Emprof Talent Pool, CV databases of career sites and LinkedIn. A specific recruitment (advertisement) campaign will be designed for Emprof.nl, several career sites, Google Adwords, LinkedIn and Twitter. Emprof selects the best candidates through extensive interviews and, if desired, testing. If desired Emprof also checks the references of candidates who are suitable in principle. Interested and qualified candidates are then introduced to you. Emprof will remain available for questions and advice after introductions for both candidate and commissioning company or organisation.

Successful for more than 16 years

Emprof has searched and selected sales and marketing professionals for various organisations for more than 16 years. And to great satisfaction of customers and candidates alike.


Contact Gerben Wijnja at Emprof. You can call him on +31-6-51611104 or via e-mail: gerben.wijnja@emprof.nl. We are happy to be at your service!


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